I am a sculptor, primarily working in clay relief, modeling and carving malleable, plastic earthen material. For the past thirty years I’ve been kiln-firing terra cotta (red) and earthenware (white) low fire clays. I also make molds, casts and direct sculpture in paper, wax and plaster.  My work often revolves around structures experienced in space, […]

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Kathy Forer – Discoveries by Michael Klein

Quietly and modestly with very little fanfare, Forer works at home creating small wall relief tableaus. Her art is deeply personal, made up of memories and stories connected to each piece, yet thought personal she translates these events into the subjects that have a universal in appeal and understanding since they use the language of architecture as their core.

a perspective piece (a film by) Ryan Quon

Kathy Forer – A Portrait from Ryan Quon on Vimeo (4:04), October 2018. Kathy Forer, a sculptor, breaking down her connection with the abstract and why perspective is a key element in creating a physical narrative and organizing the space around her.