a perspective piece (a film by) Ryan Quon

Kathy Forer – A Portrait from Ryan Quon on Vimeo (4:04), October 2018. Kathy Forer, a sculptor, breaking down her connection with the abstract and why perspective is a key element in creating a physical narrative and organizing the space around her.


Dreams are my favorite ways into sculpture. Sometimes it’s a full dream, other times a simple fire-starter or maybe a fleeting figure or feeling strong enough to generate a focal center that holds the work going forward, a place that exists outside of time for me, one that I get to know and make home. […]

city lives invitation card

City Lives

Curated by Michael Klein Shirley Fiterman Art Center, BMCC November 24, 2015 – January 16, 2016 Forer recalls events and episodes of city life in clay. Her tableaux are a mixture of fact and fiction.